Vampire Art finds its root in centuries ago


The subject of vampires always attracted the common attention. Artist was no exception to this. The early works of the artist have begun as the guide to the vampire history. Any myth seems reality, if it has relevant pictures or images to support it. It was a difficult task for the artist to capture the seduction as well as the danger in the same frame. Also the vampires cast no image, so there could be no photographic evidence of their existence. It was all left to the imagination of the artist, to create a character that could live forever in the history.

The paintings of the 17th - 18th century illustrate the characters of vampires, according to the conception of the vampires in the contemporary times. Their beautiful captivation on the canvas is carried forward by the Hollywood film makers. The Vampire Art cast a spell on the human minds. In a way, this Vampire Art has helped our imagination to create images of the vampire characters that we now read.

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