How to test a vampire


How will you recognize a vampire? They can be anyone, may be your neighbor, or your co - worker, anyone around you. They will not behave as the vampires, in our Halloween parties behave. They will not run around in those old cloaks in the night.


The conceptions of the vampire are changing in the modern writers work. They are endowed with blessed looks. These can be associated with the fact that they never come in contact of sun, or maybe they are the wanderers of night. You can also do a Vampire Test, by checking their reflection in mirror. It is a popular myth that they don't cast any reflection in mirror. Their outlook in sun is also a major factor in identifying them.


The idea regarding the vampire was somewhat different in previous times, as reflected in the works of then writers. However, with the evolution of civilization, the fears regarding vampires are subsided, and hence the notions relating to vampires changed, only to keep the interest alive in the literary works.

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