Vampire Women - alluring the common humans


The vampire legend mentions about some of the famous vampires. The main fact is that all these great figures are male. The, by far, most popular figure in the vampire history is the count Dracula. There is never a mention about Vampire Women, equaling in strength to the Vampire men.


The times are changing, now. The movies depicting the lives of vampires are now including Vampire Women, as more strenuous figure. For example, the character of Victoria or Alice in the recent blockbuster movie twilight, possess enormous strength and special powers. The character of Vampire Women in the underworld is also worth mention. Beautiful actress salma Hayek tops the charts for being the sexiest Vampire Women character.


The Vampire Women are also attractive. They allure their prey with their looks. Once you are trapped, you cannot escape of their fangs. The regeneration quality of the vampires helps them stay beautiful for ages. These immortal figures have the capacity to change your lives.

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