Vampire Types


Sanguine Vampires - Blood drinkers
Sanguine vampires are the nightwalking terrors found in most modern day movies. The creatures that books have been written about and children have feared since time immemorial. They are the original vampire species, the ‘true’ vampire. This being the case, they are more powerful, intelligent and beautiful of all vampire species. They are also the most common.

Psi Vampires - Energy Feeders
Psi vampires feed on the life energy, memories and thoughts of mortals (Note: life energy is not blood). They are not able to feed upon emotions (this is Empathic Vampires). They do not need to have physical contact with their victim, though the feeding process is stronger with physical contact. They must have eye contact with their victim, whether they have physical contact or not. Once this eye contact has been established, the human finds in very hard, if not impossible to break eye contact until their captor releases them.

Given the energies on which they feed, it is very easy for a Psi vampire to kill their prey, especially if the human suffers from mental instability, is sick or has a serious physical injury.

Empathic Vampires - Emotional Leeches
Empathic Vampires feed on (what else?!) the emotions of their mortal counterparts. The emotions that the feed upon need to be strong, such as love, hate, jealousy or happiness, or they will provide little to no sustenance for the vampire. Like the Psi Vampires, Empathic Vampires do not need to have physical contact with their victim, but physical contact will increase the potency of their feeding. Unlike the Psi Vampires, however, Empathic Vampires do not need to have eye contact with their victims, they simply need to be standing within five metres of the person, or people, on which that are ‘feeding’.

Empathic Vampires can feed from a single source or from a group of sources, it all depends on personal preference. They are less likely to kill their food source than other vampires, but can leave the human source completely drained of emotion. Sometimes, this lack of emotion will kill a human, as a main part of humanity is emotional function.

Soul Vampires - Soul Suckers
A Soul Vampire feed on the souls of Human beings. They have no choice but to kill their victim, unless they turn them into a Soul Vampire. The feeding process is the most intimate of all vampire species, as the vampire must be kissing, or be within close proximity to their victim. They literally suck the soul from their victims. They have no other option but to take the whole soul of their victim, and while doing this, they learn everything there is about their human victim, everything from memories to skills.

Once the soul as been consumed by the Vampire, it cannot leave pass on to the next realm, whether that be heaven, hell or otherwise. It will however, escape the Vampire’s body over the course of a week and once that week is up, the soul can finally move of to its afterlife realm, and the vampire needs to feed again.

If the human on which they have chosen to feed is unwilling, it can be very hard for the Soul Vampire to take their soul, though they are sometimes able to force the Human into a kiss or to open their mouth so that they may suck the soul from them. This will not always work, however, so do not rely on it.

Dreamscape Vampires
Dreamscape vampires are perhaps the most enchanting of all vampire species, gracefully and beautiful, they are not as dark in appearance as other species. After all, they have to be able to get into the dreams of their victims. Dreamscape Vampires are also the closest thing to Humans, though they usually do not like to admit this. They are the only Vampire species that must sleep.

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